Unending Horrors: Society and The United States Prison System

2Fer #2 - Afi Koffi

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Imani Murray (Student 2019)
Imani Murray

I loved the paper (I know what I wanna write my next 2fer on). The prison system has been like for the longest. They treat convicts like they are no longer human because of a crime that was committed. I loved the statistics in it. You showed that you did your research.

Weston Matthews (Student 2019)
Weston Matthews

This is a very intriguing and necessary topic. Explanation is thorough. I like how you make the reader empathize with convicts, it is important to challenge how we view people in jail in today's world. Well done.

Naima DeBrest (Student 2019)
Naima DeBrest

I completely agree with your analysis that the United States prison system has gone too far with how they treat inmates and they are making it virtually impossible for them to be complete members of society again when they are released. This system definitely needs to be changed and redeveloped to have more focus on the mental health and physical safety of the inmates.