(Untitled BMQ2 Sci-Fi Story)

Waking up in the morning, rushing to the shower, and waiting for mother. We went through this pesky process of cover-up to the extreme.

“Mom,” I signed “why do I have to go through this process every morning?”

She looked down. She seemed afraid or more ashamed. I couldn’t tell. The way she furrowed her eyebrows and pursed her lips tight with her candied red lipstick let me know there was something to it. Other than the fact that I cannot speak clearly but I can hear while she and my sister, Julie, can speak makes me wonder.
“Do you know why everything you say sounds so foreign to you or not the way we say things? Why you look like me, but you have transparent skin in addition to a tail?”  
Where is she going with this?
With hesitation, I signed, “What -- what are you trying to say..?”

“I’ll explain later. Just go get ready for school.” I saw the tears in her eyes as she said that statement. I walked away and obeyed. I hurried and got ready.

I covered my transparent pink face with some beige substance. It made me look more like my mom and Julie. When I got dressed, I had to wrap my tail around me and put on my normal clothing. It was my daily routine, but I felt like I deserved some answers. Why couldn’t I be like Julie and just wear some comfortable sweat pants, tie my hair, and not bother with covering my face so early? Doesn’t everyone do this? How do we truly know a person’s identity?

I got lost in my thoughts and forgot to wake Julie up for school. I always have to wake up an hour earlier just to get ready and she literally rolls out of bed looking like me after I do everything. She’s flawless - or just what mom wants. Either way, this was unfair.

“Bye, mom!” yelled Julie. I then stomped twice to let my mom know I was leaving. It was something we created since I was little. I could never pick up on speaking properly so when we weren’t nearby one another, I’d use noises.
Same old day. Same boring classes. My life is like a book that has already been written, but today I had a knot in my stomach. It’s probably the school lunch. 3:30 came. I was anxious to get home and here what mom had to say.
As I walked up the driveway, I saw a van. I guess it was mom’s coworkers. I went to the front door. Looked for my keys and put them into the lock. As the door clicked and I turned the knob, I could hear scurried movement on the other side of the door. I saw mom sitting with someone and wondered where the other people were if they had a huge van outside. There was a giant computer setup in the middle of the living room. As soon as I saw it, I saw my reflection and I was glowing. There was a weird thing on the screen. It sounded like white noise, but I could understand it.
Mom, what’s going on?

“You’re not who you think you are - I got a donor. You’re the way you are because someone thought it’d be ‘interesting’ to put you, an outsider in me along with your sister. We couldn’t abort you because we didn’t know and it may have harmed Julie. But hearing you dislike changing yourself every morning got me thinking and I called some people. Sweetie.. they’re here to help you.” She said as her tears rolled down her cheeks.

Shocked. I could not respond. I knew I didn’t fit in because of my tail, but when I see everyone with different skin tones, I thought that it was okay.  I got answers to my original questions, but now more questions remain. Then suddenly, some men appeared from behind me.

Who am I? I am a mistake in society due to one’s curiosity. I don’t know what happened after the men appeared, but now I can speak. I can walk amongst you and the rest of society without being revealed. My name? Not available. My reason for being on this planet with you? You’ll see..in due time.