Uptop Books Water for Elephants Podcast #3

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Uptop Books Water for Elephants Podcast #3
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Naima DeBrest, Kyianna Thomas, Lauren Matthews 
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In this final podcast we wrapped up our thoughts about the ending of the novel. We all took different stances and tried to identify what the author Sara Gruen was trying to convey. Naima talked about the commentary on having what control and agency over ones life means in a young age and in an old age. Lauren talked about the relationship between animals and humans in the novel and who has helped Jacob.  Kyianna talked about the normality of the novels overt masculine characters like August and how they treat other people. 
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  • But there's nothing to be done about it. All I can do is put in time waiting for the inevitable, observing as the ghosts of my past rattle around my vacuous present. They crash and bang and make themselves at home, mostly because there's no competition. I've stopped fighting them.” (Chapter 1)

  • "She reached for something. A giraffe passed between us – Its long neck bobbing gracefully even in panic – and when it was gone I saw that she'd picked up an iron stake. She held it loosely, resting its end on the hard dirt. She looked at me again, bemused. Then her gaze shifted to the back of his bare head" (Prologue)

  • “"Look here," he says, blowing smoke. "I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones. So what do you say, my boy – friends again?" He extends his hand.” (Chapter 20)

  • “This is home” (Chapter 25)

Comments (3)

Jacobo Pastor (Student 2019)
Jacobo Pastor

This is one of the best podcast groups. I really like it because everyone is on track and have done their research and preparation for the podcast which makes the experience for the audience really enjoyable.

Israt Jahan (Student 2019)
Israt Jahan

I actually was able to listen to this podcast all the way and didn't even know it finished. and i don't know if i was the only one but it seemed like this podcast was speeded up.

William Huang (Student 2019)
William Huang

I really liked the introduction! It was concise, cohesive, and very professional. The analysis was very in-depth and I can tell that you guys really thought about these things, like how they use the term "my boy," how they address masculinity, and how they portray domestic violence.