Urban Jungle: Rules, who needs them? Break Boundaries and Make Your Own Path

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Benjamin Simon (Student 2017)
Benjamin Simon

I learned more about the setbacks that some people have, but what keeps them going.

I really liked how the interview kept flowing. It was natural and easy to listen. I thought your questions were open ended, and gave the man you interviewed a great opportunity to express his thoughts. Great job!

Imani Weeks (Student 2017)
Imani Weeks
  1. I learned more about the drive for some people to start something on their own.
  2. I like there that there are music breaks between the questions so that it wasn't just straight talking.
Nyla Moore (Student 2017)
Nyla Moore

I really liked your podcast. The story was surprisingly interesting and I liked the urban feel it had. I'm sure a younger audience would be interested in listening too.