(Uyen Nguyen) Story of a Bill-BM

  The story of Lacey Gallagher

Find out more about Lacey Gallagher through this PREZI about Lacey and The Lacey's Law

Screen shot 2011-11-03 at 9.11.56 PM
Screen shot 2011-11-03 at 9.11.56 PM

         The Lacey’s law is a bill that was passed after a death of a young driver in Pennsylvania. This is also not the first time that a young driver lost their life for being reckless and unsafe. This is one of my concerns since I am also in the same category as these teens, in my best interest this law struck out to be because it will give me a chance to acknowledge a law that will be useful for me now as well as in the future.

                    After finalizing my law as well as getting background researches and timeline, it’s was in my best interest to create a prezi in a modern style to present the information I’ve gathered. I decided to present the law in this perspective because not only that it’s professional and organized. It’s a fun way for other teenagers to view it in a modern style that will grab their attention.

              However, during the process of creating the presentation, I’ve come across a lot on false information as well as non-useful websites. But I was able to find a lot of information that I needed. Also the creating process was fun and not as complicated as it seem. If I were to present this project again I would expand my presentation and add more information and challenges on my prezi because it was one of the fun and easy process in this project.

         From all of the research and investigation, it shows that any small ideas or even an event can bring up to an idea for a bill. It’s not complicated or big to bring out an idea for a bill and any idea can become a bill. However, from a bill it’s harder to turn a bill into a law that it is for have an idea form as a bill. There are more and just signing a bill to make it a law. The process of having a bill to turn into a law was harder than being told. To make a law it might take a lifetime to accomplish it. However, it’s always useful and a good idea to have laws.