Vanadium print (August Polite)

I researched a little bit about my element (vanadium) and its properties. The most interesting thing I found was an image of a small bit of vanadium in a strange circular interlacing pattern, which was the inspiration for my print. 
I did some minor research on the topic, learning about the purpose and uses of vanadium. I eventually just settled with the image I had found before, since vanadium's practical uses were not that interesting. 
I helped my friends decide on their final designs, learning about their element, while they gave me input on my design. 
I tried to make my design look as nice as possible while keeping it simple. I lost a large part of the aesthetic in the printing process, underestimating how difficult it would be to convey shading on the linoleum.
I am fairly happy with the end result I obtained, however in the future (since I now have a better understanding of the medium) I will try to take a more reasonable approach. 

art print
art print