Nosotros hablamos y reímos.
Nosotros reflejamos cinco años.
No todos oyen los.

The first verse is about how we always have stories to share. Some of the stories are not told until a long time after they happened or not told at all because my Aunt worries a lot. I like how it flows. I would like to change how it is worded. The most difficult part was finding how to say it.  

Nosotros gritamos y reñimos.
Nosotros tenemos punto probar.
Nadie ganar.

The second verse is about how we do a lot of fighting, both serious and humorous. We are all stubborn so it is hard to when a fight. I like that I was able to keep the same flow as the other verse. I want to edit the last line. The difficult part was making it to the same beet as the first one.