Vietnam Civilian Casualty Infographic

United States involvement in the Vietnam War was advertised as a war against communism. People were told that the government was fighting to stop the spread of communism across Asia, and that Vietnam's communist Viet Cong's defeat would end that. What the war ended up being was a massive slaughter of civilians and long lasting damage to property. It even had lasting negative effects on our veterans. Our infographic focuses on the damage dealt to those not considered "the enemy".

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Zoe Schwingel-Sauer (Student 2016)
Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

You guys did a great job with making your infographic very informative. It's helpful that you have different sections to organize your data. My one critique would be that you have a lot of words with the Bombing Operations and Agent Orange. While these paragraphs are helpful, the text is super small, and it might be more interesting to convey this information through images. Your infographic did a great job at educating the reader.