Vilma Martinez: Many Slide

In this assignment we were supposed to create one slide describing ourselves, and also create a script to present to the class.This presentation shows a simple understanding of who I am. As seen here a drawing of a book explains the passion I have for reading, writing, and drawing. Next to the drawing I used "Creative" to describe my personality. The rule of thirds has only been used in this project for the word.

To reflect on this, In the second slide of this assignment I edited a few things of what I was given feed back on. I darkened the gray of the background and then lowered the font of "Creative" and connected the c with the r. There was not much I had to change, just very small details to appeal to the viewers. I just reflected on what I was told and tried my best to fix those small flaws and the product is shown below
Tech slide

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Gabrielle Kreidie (Student 2017)
Gabrielle Kreidie

Absolutely beautiful! I noticed that throughout the two slides your pictures looked very classy and intelligent. I wonder how the slides would look without the classy look and instead a different look, would it show the same message. What if you made the font bigger for the second slide.