Voter Interview

This is Yadi Angeles, out here with Jen Camari(name has been changed to preserve anonymity) and I just want to ask you some questions about voting is that ok?

Jen: Yea

Yadi: Ok.

​What motivated you to come out and vote?
Jen: My [civic] duty.

Yadi: Ok, what would you like to see changed in our political system?
Jen: Too much to even go into.

Yadi: Do you vote in every election?
Jen: Yes

Yadi: Wow, um how regularly do you vote?

Jen: Every election.

Yadi: Do you know why we vote on Tuesday?

Yadi: Where have you encountered the highest amount of ad campaigning?
Jen: Mail.

Yadi: Mail. What was the most memorable campaign ad that you encountered?
Jen: Hillary Clinton, when she was running.

Yadi: Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for when you walk into the booth or are you still deliberating?
Jen: Not really, no.

Yadi: What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?
Jen: Better healthcare, and more jobs.

Yadi: What impact do you feel that your vote will have on the election?
Jen: None.

Yadi: And, did you learn about voting in school?
Jen: No. 

Yadi: Well, thank you for talking with me.