ware house joseph tartaglia

Joseph tartaglia


“Oh, wanna go to South Street?”


“Naw, that’s not a good idea. We do that all the time.”


I was walking down the street with my friends, all of us board.


All of the sudden I had a bright Idea.


“Hey there’s a ware house on front and Washington we should go and explore it and see what’s up.”


My friends give me a weird face


Alex responded with “I don’t know man, it don’t seem like a good idea”


I responded to “Come on guys we should go do this it might be gone someday and we

will never get a chance, come on we only live once.”


Alex agreed “your right we do only have one life to live let take it to the limit”

We headed down to the warehouse to see that the door and windows where covered with wood panels so we tried to pull the off but it was no use. So we went home and decided to try tomorrow. We went back and tried again and we knocked the board down, and walked up the stairs, but all there was up there, was a broken window, and open walls that were broken down.


“Wanna go to the basement?” Moe asked

“Sure, up here is boring me.” I said


we made our way to the basement and found ourselves a set of stairs that lead to another basement that had a twisty staircase that went to the basement, and had no lights that lead us down so we decided to get fireworks, and a flashlight at the corner store. To buy such things and it got too dark out so we decided to do it next weekend because we had school the next day and it wasn’t worth getting in trouble over skipping school, so we were talking in school all week about what we thought was in the basement

“yo, dude if there is a dead body I’ma jet outta there” said Moe

“moe you can’t run if there was a Twinkie across the street” replied Alex

we couldn’t wait any long we decided to skip school on Wednesday and went to the ware house we where all nervous about if the teacher would find out or if we get caught, and get arrested 1000 things was going through my head and I couldn’t think straight and I was getting to the point of just not going into the basement at all I was at the erg of giving up and going to school, but I went through with going into the warehouse. Even though they won’t admit it my friends were as nervous as me.

we made our way to the basement and there was a man with a 2 by 4 ready to hit us with it, so we ran and right before we ran out the door i stepped on a nail