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*Singing and dancing* Social Justice 1.2.3. Woo woo!  I wanna be PC. Woo woo!  It’s just the way to be, for me and you. Woo woo!  Awe girl, I love this shooow. It’s the best thing in the frickin world yo. *Whispers* It’s even better than kittens. *Raises right hand* All the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me god it really is. Child, this show is like the internet times 10 plus 11. Watch it! It’s not just awesome, it’s amazingly awesome! This show ain’t got no picks forreal. You really need to watch it. They basically don’t give a fuck. They’ll say and do whatever they want. No lie. The creators got bigger balls than Rick Ross. They’ll come at you no matter what. Yes gurl, they be right at ya situation forreal. The other day they was making fun of Caitlyn Jenner. *Wildly laughing* Exactly, the woman hasn’t even been a woman for a year yet and they already at her neck. But forreal though you got to watch it.

Ha. Stop, you really tried it. It is way, way, waaayyy better than Family Guy. Nothing can compare to this show. It comes on all the time and you barely see reruns.  Every episode is different.*Pause* What you mean how? Because they are different. A baby and a dog don’t go on an adventure every episode. I’m not tryna throw shots though.  I really think you should watch it Terry. *Pause* Because you are my best friend and this show can benefit you. It can benefit all of us! *Begging* This show has been on 18 years and it deserves the attention Terry.

Are you going to watch it? Come on, it’s basically about a group of third graders... I don’t care how old you are. People older than us watch this show. No, a sixteen year old watching a bunch of third graders isn’t weird at all. Shh, just listen dammit. It’s funny because one of them always die. Naw, it’s the same boul. He die like almost every episode and then comes back to life and his friends never remembers it. They was like fuck YOLO, “our characters live a lot”. But wait, shut up I wasn’t done, I gotta tell you more. So there are 4 main characters and one of them hella funny forreal. He disrespectful on a whole new level yo. He be bullying everybody, especially Jews. It’s funny and wrong at the same time. He’s always messing with the other main character who is Jewish. But I don’t feel like explaining it anymore. Can you just watch the show please? Please? I always do things for you Terry. *Pause* Really? Okay, okay, don’t hang up yet. It’s called South Park and it comes on *hangs up* Comedy Central… *rolls eyes* She’s so damn rude.


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Saamir Baker (Student 2018)
Saamir Baker
  1. I could definitely relate to this character considering how much I love South Park and tell my friends to watch it all the time. Even if they fight me about watching it at first, I hope it never ends.

  2. "Singing and dancing Social Justice 1.2.3. Woo woo! I wanna be PC. Woo woo! It’s just the way to be, for me and you. Woo woo!". The P.C. song is absolutely amazing! I was singing it inside of my head the entire time.