Week 10 - • Artist's statement

Throughout quarter 2 we have created 6 different art pieces for every week. For the first two weeks I drew 10 different images without look at what I was doing called the Blind Contour. The things I drew was Rihanna, Freddy Krueger, Michael Jackson, Batman, Hulk, Cam Newton, A Demogorgon, and Pennywise. On week 3 I colored them all they best as I could to bring the picture out. Next, on week 4 the assignment was choose your own painting. I choose one of my favorite game covers, Mortal Kombat. I painted it the best I could for it to look similar. On week 5&6 the task was to recreate a piece of Art. I wanted to test my skills so I decided to challenge myself a little by drawing a very detailed eye with shadows. For week 7&8, I personal think was my best piece of art yet. The task was  to illustration from a piece of writing, meaning we had to recreate a piece of art from a game, song, movie etc… I made J Cole the rapper album cover and it came out better than what I expected. For my last week 9, the task was to photo edit a picture with deep depth of field. I decide to edit two pictures because I enjoyed it a lot and they came out look really good. I made the lighting much better and brighter. I also added color to make certain things stand out.
One of my most important sources of ideas for art is just google images because you could type in a type of art and show you a lot of them you can choose from and they come out to be very creative. I sometimes outline the image for it to look neat and then do my own coloring, and sometimes I redraw the whole thing myself if i’m in the mood to. But, when I do redraw the whole picture I change somethings around like color or the way it looks if I think it look better.When I draw I personally like to use mechanical pencils because unlike a number two pencil, it doesn’t draw out after a certain time of using it. During this time I don’t think I learned anything new or different but in the future I plan to, to better my drawing skills even more.To make my artwork I sometimes use the projector. I would put my image on the projector and outline it on to my paper and do the rest myself.
I use my studio time wisely most if the time by starting my art right away and planning on what I want to start with and how I want it to look. But, I honestly can say I sometime work on other assignment to stay ahead in school.Overall, I really enjoyed this art assignments this quarter and hope for even better ones in the future that I can test my skills to.