Week 10 - LINK • Artist's statement • Blog

For this quarter I have done many different assignment arts assignments that could have done a lot better on and ones I did really good on. 
For week 1&2 I have draw a bike using a pencil first then outlining it with a sharpie. I liked how I draw the it but I could I missed out with the color which costed me 5 points of my grade. If I was to do this over I would add more details around the bike to make it pop out more. Also, I would redraw my wheels and try to  make it look much better.
For week 3&4 I was to draw an optical illusion and I choose to draw a picture I seen online but made it my own still. It took me a while to draw it with adding details but I really enjoyed it. The color is what really made the picture pop out in have that illusion look. One thing that I missed up on was time management. If I handled my timing better I believe I would have draw the black lines much better making it look real.
For week 5&6 I was to draw shading forms. I chose to draw a cube, cylinder, and sphere. I draw the the cube the best, I shaded it well and it looked good for my first time of shading. I could have done a lot better with the other two because with the cylinder the shading could have been much better and the sphere could have been draw better, more of a circle.  
For week 7 I really enjoyed the way I draw this because the eye looked real and I added good detail to it with a lot of shading. I could have done better with shaping the eyeball better and making the pupil less dried out and bettering the lighting out in it. 
For the last week, week 8&9  I have draw a mandala. This was different for me to draw because it's not really my style but this was a good start for me than overdoing it. I liked the design I chose, it is similar to the crazy big one but doesn't have a lot of detail. If I could do this project over I would color much better and have a different color selection, I think this is what really made this project not look so good.