Week 10 Art Project -Brendan Barnes

For week one we did blind contour  drawings and it was kind of hard for me because I was so used to looking at the paper when I was drawing. Then I didn’t really understand that it was supposed to look messed up so I was throwing a lot of the really bad ones in the trash and starting over. For week three we had to color in our contour drawings and I forgot to submit my work so I was walking around with a zero for it but once I realized it I quickly submitted it.

On week 4 I had to paint, I chose to do perry the platypus  because he is my favorite character from a tv show that I watched when I was a kid, I had a lot of fun working on it because I had to mix the colors together to create the colors that I really wanted. Week 5 and 6 was my worst week this quarter because I tried to recreate the American flag but then I left my flag in my locker and since we had a lot of snow days I was not able to really work on it so I didn’t get a good grade on it, but I choose to do the American flag because it is a symbol itself but within it there are multiple symbols, I just find that to be really cool.

The assignment for week 7 and 8 turned out to be the best artwork I’ve done probably in my whole life, I chose to do Chief Keef who is one of my favorite rappers that are from Chicago. I feel like I did it perfectly. I got points off because for some reason it was turned sideways on the pdf but not on the normal google doc. Week 9 we had to edit a photo and add depth of field to it. To me it was a good way to end off the marking period. I chose to focus on a picture that said “Neither God” and it didn’t take my long to do that but the picture had to be 2 hours of work so I spent the rest of the time add special effects to it.

I would also like people to know that I don’t consider myself to be an artist but I honestly do feel way more confident about drawing since I joined Ms.Hull’s art class, I make sure just to try and have fun with it. For every single one of my pieces of art I never once said I couldn’t do it and I just tried my best.