Week 11 - LINK • Artist's statement

For week one I've created an art piece that is a ninja. This took me about 2 and a half hours to draw. I really like this one because the picture I viewed to draw this, the head was different. I wanted to be creative and draw a ninja face with the body so I looked up a picture and added a different head.
For week two, I drew multiple pieces, the assignment was line drawings. I looked up original photos from google images and lined drew them my own style and it come out really good for my first time It took me a little longer than two hours, about three. 
For week three it was a little different from usual. The assignment was called shape digital drawing, we used a website on our computers to create this. My idea of this was a beach. Most may not see it that way but it was different and colorful and I just had fun with it.
On week four, the assignment was called illusion of space. I decided to draw a box room in the ground and with the latter on the side to really bring out the illusion. This was a little difficult for me because with art like this it takes more time and you really have to add the detail to bring the drawing out. If I was to do this again I will take more time on it.
For my week 5 drawing, the assignment was named texture drawing. This one provide a lot of detail to really get the texture of an object. It was a lot hard but I tried. I looked at a plant on a picture and just focused on one of the foods to really bring it out with the shade and lines.
For week 6, this assignment was Value drawing. We practice to draw the still life of things and I was a little creative. I took a picture right in front of me on my phone and drew what I seen on the table. I added a lot of detail and shade to really show what I saw at that moment. Then I used a pastel and darkened the back to show what to focus on.
For my last week, week 7. the assignment was Elements of art drawing. Basically, we had to take everything we drew this whole semester and draw it in one picture. I thought about it and said a landscape would be the best thing to draw because it has lines, texture and provides a lot of detail. So the picture I chose was perfect because there was a lot of that in there. I didn't really like coloring it but it still was okay.