Week 9 - Day 1 & 2 print/matt

Clari Herrera

June 9, 2017









My Experience



My element is platinum. My atomic number is 78. Platinum was first discovered in South America. The first written account of him was Julius C Scaliger in 1557. The origin of its name is “platina” which means little silver. Platinum is used for jewelry, catalytic converters, and dental work. I am making a print design to represent platinum. I thought of this idea because platinum is used in jewelry. Many people use platinum to represent their commitment with a ring. This print had the best image in my mind. First, I did research and I found many different uses for it. I found out that people use it in jewelry. I thought that the most perfect idea would be to represent commitment. I came up with many different designs to represent platinum. I finally came up with the perfect one. I had traced my idea onto the tracing paper. Once I was finished, I flipped the printing paper backwards and retraced over it with the foam board. I then got the foam board and rolled paint onto it. I pasted them down onto a blank sheet of paper. I selected the best three, matted two of them and unmatted another one. If I were able to redo this assignment, I would come up with a more precise design. I could use more details within the design of the dress and make it very detailed. I would trace my lines more accurately.  

Printmaking was quite exciting! The best part had to be the ending. When I used the roll to paint and pasted it down onto the paper, I was anticipating how well my prints would turn out. I would slowly lift the paper peeling it hearing the paint and the paper sticking. The end results were so fascinating. The negative and positive space were so contrasting. Printing down my own designs was really fun. It was a great new experience! I can't wait to design more creative prints on my own.