What’s in your Happy Meal?

Many Americans have explored the luxurious world of fast food but not many of them know what they are actually eating. On the top 15 fattest Countries in the world the United states is number nine. I believe most people are or becoming obese is because they don’t know what they are eating. I would now like to introduce you to my project. My project is based upon fast food industries, what I am doing is bringing awareness to what is actually in the food that we are eating. Yes, they might tell you the calories in their food but they don’t tell you what’s actually in their food. That is what my project is for to raise awareness and hopefully make a change in people’s diets. I’m interested in this topic because my little brother eats McDonalds, Wendy’s, Popeyes, etc. and he is 30 pounds overweight for his change and I don’t only want to show him what he’s doing to his body but my mom as well because she feeds it to him. Showing them Data and all the things I researched will hopefully change my brother’s eating habits.boys-height-weight.png

"Average Height to Weight Chart- Babies to Teenagers." Disabled World. Disabled World. Web. <http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/height-weight-teens.shtml>.

My project is very significant to the World because no one ever stops to take a look and see what they are actually eating and I think it’s about time we should. McDonald’s is one of the most famous and largest fast food restaurants in the world. There was a documentary called Super Size Me directed by Morgan Spurlock. It brought awareness to what McDonald’s food does to your body. Yeah sure people laid off McDonald’s after seeing the documentary but of course Most people went back to their regular diet. With my project I want to dig deeper into the fast food industries food. Not only McDonald’s but Wendy’s, Chic-Fil-A and Chipotle. I picked these other 3 because they seem to be the most prominent fast food joints now and I would like to research more on where where all of their food supply comes from.

I first researched the World’s favorite side order, French Fries and what I found is horrifying. I first researched McDonald’s French fries and rather having the usual three ingredients Mcdonald’s had 17. I found this great website that tells you all 17 ingredients and how hazardous they are to human health. One in particular that I found very disturbing is the sodium acid pyrophosphate which is used for the color in the fries. It makes you think well what is the actual color of the fry? This is not only McDonald’s fries either, it’s Wendy’s too. Wendy’s has made a claim that their new and improved fries are natural, well that’s a lie. They first get a dip of sodium acid pyrophosphate then they are powdered with a little more natural D-glucose. So this proves that Wendy’s is a little less natural than they make it seem and this website gives you a lot more information on Wendy’s fries. McD'sFries.pngVaughan, Mark. "We Did the Fast Food Burgers,now We Need to Do the Fries." You Are Not a Fit Person. 26 May 2010. Web. <http://youarenotafitperson.com/2010/05/26/we-did-the-fast-food-burgers-now-we-need-to-do-the-fries/>.

It is important for everyone to know about this because I bet you are reading this now and wondering what is in the food you are eating now. I bet you are questioning everything you eat and order from fast food restaurants. Have you ever questioned what is in the chicken nugget and what makes it a nugget. Well these doctors in this article questioned the same thing and they did a whole experiment on it. They dissected two different chicken nuggets from two unknown places. When they looked at the chicken nuggets under the Microscope they found blood vessels, fat, skeletal muscles, cartilage, organ tissue, bone fragments and many more disturbing things. So if you have to ask why this is important to you, read that. It’ll change your mind.

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Going through the process of my project I am wondering about many more things that I haven’t researched yet. For one where does all of the beef come from that is in the burgers? Also questions like where does Chic-Fil-A’s chicken come from since it claims to be real and I also want to dig a little more into Chipotle and see what they’re hiding. Moving forward with this project I am sure that I will answer all of the many questions I have. Not only will I do that but I will accomplish my goal with this project which is raising awareness. At least 2.8 million people in the world die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. I want to stop this and I am hoping my project will atleast help with this problem.

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Arielle Moore (Student 2018)
Arielle Moore

I really enjoyed reading this. I'm also really fascinated by your topic. I loooovee Chick-fil-a and am also curious as to what they include in their food. I'm surprised this fast-food industries are still in business because of the un-food food their feeding their consumers. I would even consider it criminal. I can't believe that their foods contain illegal and life-threatening ingredients that you shouldn't be feeding anyone. I'm curious to see what your final project includes and what information is collected.

Cindy Chen (Student 2018)
Cindy Chen

The post made me think of what I am eating. I feel that I should eat healthier because the hyperlink give use more evidence of the information. I found it really interesting that you have a reason to do this, your brother. I also find it overwhelming that at least 2.8 million die from overweight because I never though the number can get so big. This reminded me of what Ms. Sessa showed us in biochem because he was eating fast food and wanted others to know what affect it have in us. I'm looking forward to more information about how fast food affect us and how we can reduce it. :)