What a Hairy Day by Tamatha Lancaster

Have you ever seen people walking with their hair looking good and shiny? Have you wondered why and how they get their hair that way? There's many reasons why they care about hair so much. And this is your chance to find out why from two people.

English Project-Interview

To cross a boundary means that you do something that is over the top. It’s when you do something that goes against what you expect. Some examples of crossing boundaries are that you could break that one rule that your parents told you not or you where once that annoying loud person then all of a sudden got quiet and shy. Crossing boundaries can affect any and everybody. If you do something that people don’t expect you to do then it can affect the way they think of you. It can destroy relationships or bring people closer together.

            When I first heard of the project I was happy because I couldn’t wait to interview people but when I actually did it, it was kind of difficult. It was hard trying to find the right time for the person to be interviewed and sometimes they wouldn’t actually give me a lot to work with so I had to ask more and more questions so I could get a story. Then I finally decided that the topic I was doing wasn’t going anywhere so I went with another topic. This topic helped me learn more things about my friends because it was about something that they loved, their hair. I found out why they loved it so much and why. It turned out that it had to do something with their pass and their parents. After I was done with these interviews I found out that I didn’t really know my friends then I expected. When I got my second topic, my strength was that I was able to keep my interviewee talking and giving more background information to their story.

            I didn’t really know how to use GarageBand, this would be my first time using it. So I had to go to one of my friends for help. When I was editing my work, I found out that it took time and a lot of work because you had to make sure that there was no background noise and that the volume of the people wasn’t to low or too loud. I didn’t expect that the editing part of the project would be so long, I’d say that it took me hours to get it all right. Then I didn’t want to just have people talking so I tried to find a song that went with my story and something that wasn’t too hype. One of my weaknesses during this part of the project was actually trying to find out what should stay and what should go. To me everything was good but it was too long so I had to cut some things out and keep the important part. My strengths were that, after I found out how to work GarageBand, it was really easy for me to edit and add things to my podcast.

            The feedback that I got from my peers was helpful because they were saying that there were parts where you couldn’t hear the person so I had to make it louder. If I have not gotten any feedback from my peers I would’ve gotten a low grade on my podcast. Also getting feed back from my peers tell me my strengths and weaknesses so I would know what I can improve next time I do a project.


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Sarena Shuman (Student 2014)
Sarena Shuman

This was super interesting, The crossing boundaries wasn't as clear. But this was so true, and funny. I am the same way about my hair. People say I wear weave to cover up my real hair, not the case I just want a different look.