What I learned

For my You and the World project I did Stereotypes and Discrimination with Work and Education with a Disability.In my blog post #1 I just introduced my project. In my blog post #2 I talked about what I did for my original research.

I wish that I would’ve found a graduate from the special-ed classes from Edison High School. I would’ve been cool to talk to him/her.During this project I learned so much.

I think I would have rather done another project because I finished my project really early and then I had nothing else to do. But with my project I would have spaced out my project a lot better. I don’t really want to know a lot except one thing, I would like to know how people with disabilities live, i want to know how they live life. I wish I would have done another project because my project bored me a little bit. I had fun with it but then I didn’t at the same time.

I did have the impact that I wanted because I wanted my advisory to learn about my project and they did. I think that I should have put poster’s around the school and maybe I would have had  larger impact because then the school would have known about but I had the impact i wanted.