What if Amelia Earhart returned...

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What I like most about this project is the fact that we get to change history,what was hard though after the initial excitement was getting solid ideas that would be interesting and wholesome. The actions I make Amelia Earhart do speeds up the historical record because I make it so that she inspires women so that they have a huge leap into politics and the military and getting everything done efficiently. I thought that if women were a larger factor earlier, things would get done faster and people would be. Also because women are more emotional and mostly rule their actions by that, America is a more accepting and loving although with having a swelled military, America is still the most feared nation if they get pissed off. This project could get improved by slowing down and fully elaborating on different points. I also feel that it can be improved if only one other person was making it with me. If I had to do it over again, I would keep my folder in the classroom so I didn't lose it and have to start from scratch again. I would also plan my time better so that i could get it done before the due date just in case something happened.