What is a leader

People should elect a leader in order to keep everything organized so that  there won't be chaos. In” Lord of the flies” the boys chose Ralph to be their leader. We all need a leader to keep us in check and to make new laws if we need to have them and make new and available jobs. If we do not have order civilization could collapse. If the boys in “ Lord of the flies” could not have Ralph more kids could not have survived the island or just go crazy/insane. If we did not have presidents we would just live in chaos or not living at all. Mainly a president's job is to keep the country safe and away from harm but if harm may come then they need to have a continuity plan. If the world we live in now did not have a president. We would all fail as a nation and it could be chaos. I Lord of the Flies if the boys did not elect Ralph as their leader thing could have gotten way out of hand (even though it kinda did).

What is anarchy? Anarchy is something that we can have without a president, government etc. In The lord of the Flies  at first the boys did not have a leader and lived on the island in terror as they couldn’t find out what to do because it was no adults around to help them out. Anarchy can also happen if the wrong person is elected into doing something they cannot do correctly because they just want to lead or just boss the kids in Lord of the Flies or just boss people around in general. For example if Donald Trump is president anarchy is more than likely to happen. Donald Trump had said that he wants to build a wall around america to keep out the Mexicans out of America but also he wants them to pay for something that is bad for them. In conclusion this can prove that if the wrong person is going to be in charge there will be anarchy throughout the world.