What Is FriendShip?

There are different types of friendship, such as the ones that have known each other for years and consider themselves "Best Friends", and those who just met. Friendship is a strong thing to keep, with that power, you and your friend could discover new things. Sometimes friendships can be destroyed by the people and the things around them, while others friendships can be very influential, and last very long . Someone’s surroundings is the most important things towards friendships because it can cause either a tremendous downfall or an increased rate of gaining friendships.  The environment around someone is the most important factor in the strength of a friendship.

In the 20th century, there were two valuable British authors. These authors went by the names of  “J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis”, their art was very beautiful, and was able to allow their readers to personally connect to their writing, or just enjoy their style of writing on just a reading level. They were not just regular authors, they were authors that had their own styles, and was able to target people who don't even speak their language. As you may think that even though they were very creative authors, they didn't really have a great relationship at first. The people around them made them think that they wouldn't be able to work together. Tolkien met Lewis at Merton college, just like others, it wasn't ¨friendship at first site¨. They didn't have any problems with one another, Lewis actually described Tolkien as a ¨smooth Pale. After they found out that they both shared an interest in Norse mythology, their bond began to grow them together like some type of magnetic force. Throughout the years that they shared in college together, they found more interest such as Writing books together. The ¨The pair agreed the fantasy and science-fiction genres, while enticing in their promise, lacked entries they actually wanted to read. That quote shows that they both felt as though that authors in their timeline were not doing their job, which was to entertain their readers through there writing. They both understood that they were not ordinary Writers, they both agreed that they enjoyed caring about stories that no one else cared about. That is very important because that is one of there most valuable moments, they understood that they were different. So they did what any upcoming potential authors would do, they Began to work on their own ¨Book¨. ¨Tolkien¨ was very excited about his work, so he decided to show ¨Lewis¨ what he had so far, And Lewis as a ¨Great Friend¨ told Tolkien to keep writing and too never give up. If we look back towards My Topic Sentences, you can tell that everything that they are doing, is just being translated into words. Both of the Authors known their surroundings, because they were able to interpret their surroundings on a higher level than others, they were able to use that which allowed them not to influenced into different directions which would have to spit them up.

     In the book Lord of the flies by William Golding, the characters go through several different events that pull them together. The events Allowed them to express who they really are. The reason why this is a good thing is that as I stated before, it formed a friendship. Today we won't really need to focus on 1,2, characters, but we will focus on all of the characters. Being able to relate to something with someone is very important because it shows that you both had to go through something serious, or just a simple event. Before the children landed on the island, they had no insight of who one another was. Them surviving the plane crash is the thing that allowed them to come together, all of the boys were able to relate to this event because they all went through it together. The environment somewhat influences them to come closer. Even though they didn't really have a way of the island just wet, they knew that they had to work together to survive. All of the boys came together to assign jobs. As I stated before, friendship is when you have respect from another, and that's what the children had during the assembly. They had to give someone an important role in becoming their new leader. The leader wasn't someone who can make someone do something such as get the leader some food but to make sure that everyone is doing there specific task. In chapter 1 “the sound of the shell” the character Piggy has been through a lot.  Piggy feels "intimidated by the uniformed authority and the off-hand superiority in Merridew's voice" and draws closer to Ralph (21). The reason why I chose this quote is that this quote shows how piggy feels towards the character Ralph. Some of the other children were laughing at how the characters name was “Piggy”. As a friend should do, Ralph had Piggy back. He shut down all of the laughter that the other children were doing and explained how piggy was his real name and why it wasn't funny, with that only, you can tell that Ralph was acting like a true friend. The character piggy wasn't too open, or in other words, he wasn't very friendly. He was able to keep things to himself, but while the kids were giggling and making fun him, As any kid would react, piggy began to become angry. Over time, their friendships began to expand, and they became more open with one another. “Piggy was so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society, that he helped to fetch wood." That quote is important because if we look through his perspective from the beginning of the story vs now, you can see how much the other characters allowed him to open up. Before we end off, I want to look at this last quote. “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy. This may be one of the most powerful quotes in the story, it shows that at times the most valuable character is your friend, and sometimes, challenges are things that bring people even closer.  


The characters in “lord of the flies” and  “J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis” share rare similarities. They both had to face one of the most challenging events ever which are the term Friendship. Being a friend comes with huge responsibilities, you have to be there for your friend, go through some many obstacles, but the most important, Never Give up. In the book, the characters went through a lot, but never gave up, in the end, they were able to find their way off the island. That's because they had each other and never gave up. Lastly, “J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis” both went through remarkable obstacles together, and the¥ stayed together, which signifies true friendship.

  Everyone needs a taste of friendship, it allows people to meet new people, and to express their feelings to their friends. Without Friendships, you feel alone, and I know that through experience. Friendships bring people together and learn new things. So that's why friendships are important.


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Comments (3)

William Flenner (Student 2020)
William Flenner

This essay has a strong focus on the effects of the environment on friendship from beginning to end. I really appreciate how you brought up C.S. Lewis's and J.R.R. Tolkien's growth in friendship as they were affected by their environment of writers that were not doing their job to entertain the reader. That was the best of your examples, and you had some good analogies as well. I to agree that the situations given by the environment bring people together to make a change.

Nhu Lai (Student 2020)
Nhu Lai

I learned that friendship is important, but never realize that the surrounding can affect the strength of friendship. People can not really avoid friendship, they just have to find a way to fight for it, and make it stronger. Human always needs someone around them, so they not going to feel lonely.

Diamond Wallace (Student 2020)
Diamond Wallace

In this essay, I learned that friendships play a huge part in human behavior. Many humans grow and learn because of their surroundings of their environment and the people the hang around. The only way this behavior could be avoided is if you isolate yourself from the outside world. Other than that, friendship is just a natural thing to humans.