What is Printmaking?

Do you know what printmaking is? It’s simple, printmaking is a technique in art that transfers ink to a paper. There are different kinds of printmaking. Some include woodcut, linocut, lithography, and more. Printmaking is important to people all over the world. It is a well known technique all over the world. Many people use it. There are a lot of artworks that are made from printmaking techniques.

Printmaking began in China, around AD 105. The relief printmaking process was invented by Daniel Hopfer who was from Augsburg, Germany. Printmaking started to show up in Europe in the 15th Century. This was invented when paper was made, which was in China. As mentioned before, there are many different printmaking processes created by different artists. Relief printing prints what is on the left of the original surface. This method uses different materials. It requires wood or linoleum blocks. On the other hand, intaglio requires copper, zinc, as well as plastics. There are also different basic tools that is should be used for relief printing. This method uses tools such as a knife and a gouge.

This technique is created by Robert Mangold. This is a woodcut. I decided to choose this print because it is simple. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The image was carved onto a wood surface and then inked and printed.