"What Time is it?"

Imagine a time where your really late to school, but then you don't know the time. You see a spanish speaking person and you don't know how to ask for time. Here in this lesson I'm going to teach you how to ask for time and how you answer it. So the phrase for asking time in english is "What time is it", but in spanish it is "¿Qué hora es?","¿Qué hora son?",  or "¿Qué hora tiene(s)?". Well when you answer it is really simple. The phrase is Son las.. which means It is.. 
Well when you answer for 12:00 pm or am there is also phrases for those too. For 12:00 pm in the middle of the day it is " es el mediodía". For 12:00 am it is "es la medianoche". Well in spanish when you say one o'clock its not " son las uno" that is not the right way to say one o'clock.The correct way is "es la una punto". Well "punto" means "on the dot", so if i say "son las dos punto". It means 2 o'clock on the dot. Well there are also phrases for in the morning, afternoon, and evening. In the morning is "de la mañana".For afternoon is "de la tardes". Then for the evening is "de la noches". You will have to add this when your giving somebody the time. Below you will see flashcards that you can use to practice the phrases in the lesson.
This video is going to be about asking for time and how to answer say time in Spanish. In this scene you will see again a guy and a girl, but this time in this scene this guy is in a hurry. Wondering what time is it really? Then stops by and ask a lady or girl who is sitting in the bench. This guy asks her “¿Qué hora es?” meaning, “What time is it?” and then the way she answers it is “Son las..” meaning “ It is..”.

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