When it comes down to it....

The state should illegalized marijuana permanently due to the fact of the percentage rate of students drop out. What is marijuana? It is a weed that came from the Cannabis saliva plant. It contains more than 400 chemicals. 39.8 percent of the United State population has tried marijuana once in their life. Many people tried this drug because it's supposed be considered the "safe" drug, which is not true. It actually has a lot of effect on a human body.

It can create short-term memory and reduce the ability to do certain actions like driving around. THC is also one of the main ingredients. It affects the brain the most because the brain binds to work with Cannabis receptors. The receptors control your memory, thought, concentration, and other parts.

 When a person smokes marijuana, they tend to lose themselves. This drug mainly affects the young generations. The more they do it, the more they enjoy it. The more they enjoy it, the more they want to smoke and only smoke. Meaning that they lose interest in school and other hobbies.

 Studies show that young people, who use marijuana regularly, lose interest in schooling. It affects their learning in all subjects. They can't seem to remember things when they are high. This is probably why teens drop out of school often.

 If you think about it, young people do drugs because they think it's cool or because they are stressed out about something; mainly school and families. They feel as though that marijuana can help them unwind but at the end of the day, the problem is still there. You can escape from a situation for about a night, but when you wake up in the morning, it's still there. 

 Peers influence a mass amount of these young teens in their actions. Their peers usually peer pressure them into doing smoking. Some teens know that it's wrong but still do it because it's what’s considered "cool."

 This is probably why teens drop out of school often. I feel as though that the school district does not keep the kids motivated to learn so they can care less. In this case, the kids turn to drugs to pass the time.

 In the year of 2007, 18.8 percent of seniors used marijuana. Some seniors at that stage don't really care for school because it's there last year and they don't need to do anything so they might as well have fun. With that decision made, it can affect their future with college. Getting into a good college is harder than ever these days. Most community colleges and universities will look beyond the grades and check all of your high school student records. A history of drug use, possession, and buying, or selling drugs may kill your chances of getting into the college or university of your choice.

 Study shows that if a person smokes five joints a day can get cancer. Not only that, but if you're a pregnant and you smoke marijuana constantly, it can damage your baby's health. It will mainly cause more pain for your child than you.

 Marijuana can damage our emotions. It can make you laugh one minute and then make you depressed the next. What these people don't realize is that the decisions they make, affect their surroundings.

 For a pregnant woman, her decision to smoke marijuana affects her baby. For a teen, his/her decision affects his/her future and friends. Once you make that one decision, you can’t go back to it.