Where I'm From

I’m from Row Homes
where you can hear the arguments next door.
From clothes on the bed, pillows on the floor, a hinge with no door.
“When your room is clean for a month you’ll get it back!”
I’m from T-bones, So-suns, Ray-Rays
You name it, we have it!
I’m from game nights every other Sunday
Your family against mine.
From Christmas at my house and Thanksgiving at yours
But lets leave so we don’t have to help clean up.
I’m from “Lil Mama this and Lil Mama that.”
from Church and your best outfit on Sundays
I’m from Macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and chicken.
From Barney at night and Teletubies in the morning.
I am from a loving family. One I will never give up.