Where Misty Go?

How could you do that to a ten year old? Don’t you know the significance of a dog to a caring family? I always seen this in movies but never would of though that the sad crying little boy or girl  would someday happen to me. What am I talking about you ask? I’m talking about the time that my dog was almost took in away from me.

It was a great day for cookout I spent the whole day with my family .It was fun even the ride home was a funnier then the usual. When I got home I  sat down and watched television, then I happened to noticed that no one had let my dog Misty in from the backyard. So I went to the backyard to let her out, but this seemed to be only a failed attempt because she was not  sitting outside the door from hearing the rattle of the door. I began to look around the backyard for her but she was nowhere to be found .Then, I noticed in the left corner of the gate there was a huge  opening big enough for more then a dog to go under. So my family and I quickly assumed that someone had broken to are backyard and either set my dog free to roam in the cruel world or try to take her for themselves. This seemed to be one of the  worst days of my life  because I could be losing a long time friend that I have known since I was just 4 years old.

Shortly, after we began our long search for the family dog we came to believe that our seem futile. A month had gone by there has been no citing of her around the neighborhood and we haven’t received any calls from anyone who have seen our flyers. Perhaps its because we only had a picture of Misty at 3 years old when she was now 7. After about a month of searching my parents found that there was no point invest any more money or time to continue the search. So we began “the waiting game” it seem like I have been waiting by the phone  each day for years  and yet its only been a couple weeks.

After about 2 months of Misty had been lost we finally got a call from a man saying he had found our dog on a corner,  and had taken her to his house around 40th and market where she had been staying for a couple of days. Until he noticed that she had a collar with her name and our phone number incase she gotten lost. So I told him we would be there to pick her up as soon as my mother gets  home from  work. Later that day when my mom returned home I told the great news and her mans address. We left out right then and there so I could be reunited with my dog and I thanked the man  for his kindness and for helping us find our dog. Ultimately it all ended great, and I had a totally different perspective on the world and nice society might  actually be.