White Chicks

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Harrison Wellner (Student 2018)
Harrison Wellner

The video was mostly engaging, using clips from the movie and cutting it together with the movie audio and the analysis. There were some interesting transitions and the commentary was well voiced and mostly seemed memorized. Some of the audio wasn't entirely balanced, and the music at the beginning was slightly distracting from the voiceover itself.

The analysis was detailed and went in depth onto the different topics and how they played into the film. There was no real issues with analysis, although it did feel as though it could have gone slightly deeper at certain areas. Overall, it felt mostly well done.

Christopher Irwin-Diehl (Student 2018)
Christopher Irwin-Diehl

The video wasn't too engaging, but kept my attention better than some of the others, due to the interesting scenes you chose to look at. The analysis itself was a bit shallow, sicne much of what you interpreted was pretty easy to see without much thought, but nonetheless it was still accurate.

Gabriel Garcia-Leeds (Student 2018)
Gabriel Garcia-Leeds

Great video, engaging and entertaining. Great choice in footage, everything was relevant and flowed. Editing seemed real professional. Analysis was good, and covered good topics. Couldn't find anything to complain about. Great work!

Hadleigh Stammers (Student 2018)
Hadleigh Stammers

Was the video engaging? Why or why not? I think the use of movie clips was engaging but sometimes the clips were a little distracting when they continued during the voice overs.

Was the analysis sophisticated? How did it go beyond the basis, or not? I think a lot of the analysis did not go much farther than the basic ideas of the feminist lens. (females are viewed as objects my males) I did enjoy the analysis of the auction scene- the idea that females were placed in the back because they are viewed as lesser than the males did go a little deeper than what people would think when watching the movie.

Nadia Green (Student 2018)
Nadia Green

I think that the music should have been lowered and the instrumental could have been played. There was inconsistent audio. I think that analysis was good but it didn't go beyond my own bias and understanding of the movie.