White Chicks.....of Ryan Coogler


Nicholas Shaw and I chose the film White Chicks because it shows the millennials of race, and how that specific race encounters beauty, wealth, power, and authority. Something that other races don't particularly have. Specifically minorities. The main point in the movie is to show the viewers what it would be like if one of those minorities would somehow transition to that one specific powerful race. From that point of view, the movie shows dominance and a sense of humor, What it does not show are deep thought and a hard process. The movie is meant to bring joy and laughter, a situation that could go in any form but only leads to laughter. When we look at this movie through style, we look at beauty, feminine, sass, fear, and confidence. Looking at the director, we would transition by not looking at the opposite of beauty, but looking at the opposite of race. Significantly looking at the standards of what white people like versus the standards of blacks. It brings a huge difference whether if youŕe defining actual race and what we wear and like. There's not much of a similarity. The choices we made were made differently and we find them to be pretty accurate for the difference between white culture and black culture. One of the examples was the 2 protagonists Marcus and Kevin, instead of wearing suits, they’re wearing dashikis. The people that help them transform into white chicks, instead of wearing white lab coats, they can wear black lab coats/garments. We rearranged most of the design in clothing and texture, but not rearranged much of their knowledge and what they say. When you see the storyboard, you see the texture and what defines the movie based off the director’s perspective. Not only does this storyboard shows the race differential and each cultures design, but it also shows how well the scene correlates between races and how something that’s different can bring people together. The scene also only includes a short script in the beginning and from there, is just the background music and the texture and style. The song we chose (for a change) is Ride wit me By Nelly. The song talks about the difference in what wealth and power can bring to people. It can bring them joy and happiness apparently and it makes them feel good. In the film scene we selected, the characters can basically change from a dilemma of one race to another, feeling the difference in the standards of each race and the expectations they’re supposed to have. The original song in the scene was “Shake it (Like a White Girl) By Jesse Jaymes. The title is easy to predict that it correlates with white people in the film adding on that Marcus and Kevin are transforming from black dudes into white chicks. We thought that choosing a song that has the opposite meaning was the way to go. One that doesn’t necessarily have to talk about black people, but in what black people like to do (for who they are) based on what society judges by it.