Who AM I ? -Sharron Norton

Who I AM-Sharron Norton
In the making of my slide, i decided to base it off the climax i'm at in my life right now. As coming of what i was going to do questions began to swarm in my head. Questions like, Who will i become in like? Will I become someone in my time? Will i achieve my goals set out in front of me? Or even, Am ion the right path in life right now that will determine my future?
Than quickly, i came up with the idea of comparing myself to a flower. I did this because a flower was a perfect thing to compare it. I say this be because I see and view myself like a flower seed.Unsure of what i will become; unsure of my place in this world. But like a flower seed,I am put into the ground. Waiting and waiting for my true identity to come into the light. To explore the world ahead of me. I may not know th answers yet but, i"m still growing. I'm still that little seed full of life. Full of such ambitious, with great big dreams ahead of me waiting to be achieved.  
In the visual aspect of my slide, i choose the background to be a flower; which is a symbol to myself. As i choose the picture (as you can see) the colors of bright pink and green are the main colors of it. Wanting to right my own little phrase to it, I first had to pick a perfect color that will blend into the slide. Not too dark, or light, and also not a color that blends to much into it. No! I needed a color that popped out. And whit was my answer!