Who am i online, Norton Sharron

1. in class we worked on a video called ''I Am A Witness''. This video talks about when cyber bullying occurs, how you can stop   it. 

2. This video brings up to me how people see cyber bullying, but don't do anything. They just allow the bully to keep doing what they're doing/ saying knowing that's wrong. 

3. I am Me online. I appear to what people close to me call myself. Funny, hype, petty, childish, loud, sweet, nice, and pretty!

4. They perceive me to be what i describes above ^^^^^^^^^^. (the stuff i post on instagram and twitter). 

5. To feed off your reaction 

6. Yo have the power to feed into them giving them the power they want. Or you can not reply and don't give them the power   they desire for you .