Who am I ONLINE? Nzinga

Tech project

In this class we watched a video about bullying. But in this video it told us how to be better than bullying and how to outsmart it. In this video it taught us about the eye emoji. The emoji tells that person that what they are doing isn't good and you see them. I know with this video it brung up children bullying other children in pre-k. You know how its that one student who is always in the front of the line and is the teachers pet. The teacher or the student may not see it, but that is bullying.

Online I am a good person. It doesn't show anything inappropriate because my name is Nzinga. Its stands for power, strength and brave. Under my name it pulls up my year at business school/class. I guess people would perceive me as accomplished and privileged because in the picture I was the only black person in the whole picture. It also shows how thankful I must be for my life as well. The goal of internet trolls is stay away from them or if they appear, stay calm. I believe the positive is only one thing, keeping yourself safe, I don't think there are any other reasons. If you aren't in trouble you shouldn't be hiding.