Who am I Online Part 2

1.)Today in class we learned a lot about online bullying and how to join the fight against it through  the video "I am a witness". This video demonstrates the effects of bullying, what it looks like from the victim's perspective, as well shows the difference in events and results by simple actions of kindness. As well it was significant that the difference in results(which was a sad bullied, low self-esteem Jake vs. a happy supported Jake whom even when knocked down is stood up for) was based on the bullies making a conscious effort. As well the subtle emphasis on those who were bystanders of the bullying were counted as bullies and not given a pass/excuse..This video reminds people the power they have in simply posting an emoji, as well the power when one remains silent or worse a negative participant.
2.)This video brings to mind much about the problems with being a bystander and just how hurtful being a victim of bullying is. I've watched many documentaries on bullying and the one that stood out tio me was called "Bully" on Netflix and described the horrible affects it had on people creating extremes concerning suicide and incarceration. It's a very depressing topic but one that needs to continue to be addressed until it's at least nationally unacceptable. And not only unacceptable but that this understanding is ingrained in everyone especially beginning at a young age. This video reminded me how much work there is to be done, as well how many different ways one can get involved in the anti bullying movement.
3.)I am Zoey Tweh online a high school student as SLA who runs 5ks at PAS. I appear solely business or someone who knows how to hide unprofessional activities from the public eye.
4.)People probably perceive me as normal, maybe a little curious as to whether or not I have any social media but other than that not too detailed of a perception since not much information is given. I clearly am see as a student and runner but ther's no information on whether I even attend school or how well I do in school. Whereas the race can be found since it was made public.
5.)The goal of internet trolls is to throw everyone off topic and get them all heated up about something. For instance on an online commentary of Justin Bieber an internet troll might bring up a touchy political subject completely unrelated to Justin Bieber and cause a chain reaction. The internet troll will continue saying outlandish, crazy things that are known to get a reaction out of people and so they get what they want. The ultimate goal is to gain a reaction from people.
6.)Online anonymity is a sweet and sour concept. It's pros are that it can protect one's identity, concealing it from others who may wish to access said information for multiple reasons particularly identity theft and so much more.The cons include masking people like internet trolls and/or bullies who take advantage of the internet and social media in a negative way and harass people.This anonymous concept makes it very very difficult to hold someone accountable of such charges. 
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 11.54.04 AM
Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 11.54.04 AM