Who are my representatives?

Governor Tom Corbett, he proposed the $1.5 billion budget cut. He believes in cutting the strings from Harrisburg, which allows individual schools to do what's best for their students. Corbett has a lot of power, but the real focus is on the two latter politicians.

Representative Mike O'Brien voted for my topic, saying that statewide budget cuts were not a good thing. He is district one. His public policies are mostly for public education, he believes that full-day kindergarten, smaller class sizes, and pre-k learning are most important for his people. His biggest community interest is to make sure casinos pay the taxes directly into the community like they are supposed to.

 Senator Larry Farnese, elected in 2008, is in charge of district one which ranges from Port Richmond, Fairmount Park, South Philadelphia, Center City, and the Navy Yard. HIs policies are for public safety, economic development, and job creation. He led the passing of "Caylee's Law." He voted against the budget cut, saying that it would "devastate" both the education and job market.