Why Abuse the Creatures Who Did Nothing Wrong?!?

The project that I am doing is for 9 grade English called "You and the World". Some people in the world don't know what's going on around the world or where they live. All most people know is that there are some issues that are going. People of all ages should know at least some things that are happening if not all, so they can get a clue to what is happening around them. 

Throughout the years I have been seeing how people treat the animals that are around them. Many people may say that they love animals but behind doors they are treating them with plain old disrespect. And there are no one around to tell them to stop so the animals can live their lives. So to let people know, what may be going on around their neighborhood, I decided to do my project on animal abuse. I am interested in learning about this topic because i love animals. Then to know how some of them are being treated is tremendously heartbreaking. And knowing that some people don't even care about what's happening to them makes you wonder what did animals ever do to them.

For the past days I have been doing some research on how all kinds of animals are being abused. I found out that the elephants that are used in circuses are chained up 23 hours a day from the day they were young. Also that the animals at the circuses are being poked with sharp objects, beaten, and whipped to do their routines. And that 10,000 horses in the US are being slaughtered for horse meat for Europe and Asia but since the last the slaughter plant was shut down in 2007, the horses are know being shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered. And lastly I found out that if animal abuse continues to go on, in the year of 2022, 22% of the animals will be extinct.

I feel as though animal abuse is a problem that should be taken care of right away before it's too late. Also that animals have the right to live just as well as humans. Lastly, I think that we as humans should take action and speak for these animals because they can't speak for themselves.

I will continue to do further research to how animals are being abused and to why do people abuse animals. I will also find out how people can help them and what they can do. And I won't stop doing research until the people know that they need to help animals.

To find more information you can visit this website: Animal Abuse