Why Abuse the Creatures Who Did Nothing Wrong?!? Pt 2

In my first blog, I mentioned that I was doing a project in English class called "You and the World". I also mentioned that I was looking for information about animal abuse and wanted to let people know what is happening to the animals around them because I love animals. Also in my first blog, I found out some information that was about how some animals around the world are being treated like, the elephants in the circus and the horses in the United States.

This time I found out more information about how animals are being treated in the United States. In New York, an abuser was convicted with two cases. One case was for a cat name Scruffy who was drench with lighter fluid and then set on fire leaving the poor animal severely burned to the muscles in the legs. The other case was involved with a cat name Madea who was so viciously beaten that her lungs was ripped and had to be put down. I also found that in California, a man name Timothy Arie Kooyman was sentence d for seven years and eight months behind bars after he was found guilty of abusing cats in his motel room in Corona, California. It was said that in that motel room he would break the cats legs before cutting it off with an ax. Also where he ran over another with his truck and killing a third cat by continuing slicing her with razor blades. Lastly, a poor dog, who was renamed Angel by rescuers, escaped form his family’s yard and was found the next morning suffering deep cuts on his head, face, back, and feet apparently after being hit with a machete about six times. His tail was nearly detached and had to be amputated.

When I hear about the things that people do to these poor animals, I wonder if those people ever stop and wondered why they were doing this or what would happen if they did abuse these animals. I sometimes wonder if they would feel guilty of what they did and see that they took a poor innocent animals' life. And for what, to get even with somebody or to just take their anger out on them.

In my further research, I will continue to look for reasons why people abuse animals and how people can help things like animals abuse from happening.

If you want more information visit this website: Animal Abuse