Why do you Write ?

I started writing in 4th grade. It wasn't something I was passionate about , I just needed a good grade on that 5 paragraph essay assigned in Ms.Kane's class. When I received my test the next week, I was awarded a 97, and a publishing in a writing competition. I was excited at first, but then I just brushed it off. My Mom was so proud, an d my Dad shook my hand, but I kept my face straight, trying to let them know it didn't matter.

If this was a world that you couldn't write, things might be better. When you think about it, a lot of drama starts with the wrong text thing written. Like that comment on FaceBook that gets someone upset. If you couldn't write, you'd be forced to say these things, or just drop it, since writing gives people a sense of safety at the time. Most suicidal deaths in teens are caused not only by bullying physically, but also through cyber-space. 

I write (though I'm good at it) mainly because I get reprimanded if I don't. Like I said, I do it because I have too.