#WhyIWrite. Jtartaglia

The reason i write is so people can understand any thing that I can't come up with on the spot. Like if i need to explain something to some one i could just write it down and they could read it at their own pace instead of me explaining it too fast to them and them not getting the right idea and do something wrong. Because you can all way look back at what someone or yourself wrote down. You might forget the things you sometimes say but if it's written down you can read it and remember to do something like take the task to the curb, or take the dog out for a walk. but writing isn't just for when yo need to remember something it could also be for if you have no other way to express how you feel you can write it down and it would relive the person's stress. writing also can be for entertainment reasons like for a play or for a movie you write for just about anything. you write in every class you are in. you write to keep notes and and keep track of score