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Jacécto ( ja - kay - toe)
This recipe is good with handmade or boxed pasta 
Homemade Pasta
If you are going to make homemade pasta, first know that you are gonna get your hands dirty so chill but if you double or triple the batch, it will get exceedingly harder to do correctly. Solution to a needing more food: make a normal batch several times
ingredients: 2-3 people
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups of flour

1. on a hard smooth surface surface place the flour in a mound then dig a well in the center of the flour to make a volcano.
2. crack both eggs and make that your lava
3. with a fork, slightly beat the egg inside the confines of the flour walls and slowly add in the flour form the sides
4. if the egg escapes or if the egg is getting whiter from the flour, its time to dig in with your hands.
5. With both hands combine the flour and egg and when 80% combined switch to kneading with your palms.
6. with only your palms squish the dough together til it becomes smooth and elastic, this will take at least 6-8 minutes so don't become discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately.

With a rolling pin:
roll the dough to desired thickness and cut as evenly as possible
then lay the pieces out (preferably on a drying rack)

with a pasta machine:
follow the instruction from the machine
then lay the pieces out (preferably on a drying rack)

cooking the pasta:
set a pot of salted water out to boil
when water boils dump pasta in
pasta will be done in 2-4 min so do this step after the rest of the meal is done

if doing boxed pasta, follow box instructions
Main Dish
- 1/4 in thick ring of onion ( Minced )
- 2 cloves of garlic ( minced )
- 16 oz / 1 package of mushrooms ( Sliced )
-  1-2 cups Green Beans ( )
-  1 Carrot ( minced/ sliced )
- 1-1 1/2 lb of chicken breast ( slice into small chunks )
- three pinches Dried basil
- two dashes red pepper
- two dashes Black pepper
- three pinches Dried cilantro
- two Fresh Sage
- Fresh Rose mary
- Fresh Oregano
` Fresh mint
- a dash of Ground ginger
- 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
- two dash Garlic powder
- 1 teaspoon Dark chili powder
- 1/2 teaspoon Cayenne pepper
- 3-4 teaspoons Unsweetened chocolate ( powder form )

    1.    Heat a large sauce pan with oil, garlic  and onion over low heat
    2.    Chop up your vegetables if you haven't already
    3.    When oil is hot add mushrooms
    4.    Cook mushrooms until reduced in size and are brown. When mushrooms are slightly browned add green beans and carrots. Cook until carrots and green beans are slightly crisped ( we recommend tasting)  season to taste with seasonings in ingredients list above.
    5.    Take off heat and cover with lid.
    6.    Next put oil in frying pan and put on low heat. Add onions and garlic and chicken juice(if any left over from package)
    7.    brown the onions and garlic then add chicken
    8.    cook chicken til slightly pink inside, remember to stir
    9.    add tomato sauce and bring to a simmer
    10.    add spices again and let simmer another 1-2 minutes
    11.    add the tomato and chicken to vegetables and cook til the entire concoction simmers
    12.    spread the deliciousness over a bed of pasta, top with cheese and eat

Jaceto is about 80% whole foods and the other 20% is the flour used for the homemade pasta because we didn't plant, harvest and grind the flour, the spices were not grown or ground by us. We did not grow the vegetables or raise the chicken for its eggs and meat and we did not make the cheese on our own. The tomato sauce was made by Rita's garden and ground in the blender and all in all this meal is very unprocessed because we made it ourselves without added weird chemicals and we did it with 100% organic food without hormones or pesticides or frozen boxes. Since we did not use boxes and anything that had over five ingredients (coco powder) this was a hard meal to put exact calorie or fat content estimate onto it. This meal was had at least 4 servings of vegetables in it and had a nice tasty serving of meat into it so the body would like it very much but if you ate nothing but this meal, a lot of bad things would happen to you like dying of thirst, getting skinny from no sugar, or losing diabetes so the doctors would be out of work. When we bought the ingredients(veggies+chicken) for this meal, we made sure that everything was from America and the majority of it, from the east coast. Cost wise it was much cheaper than fast food. When we went out to buy this stuff we went out to make this meal for at least 6 people, in total the bill was about $20-25 and when we looked at the menu of a local Chinese store, feeding 6 people would have cost us at least $40-60, which would have been ridiculous. If we were to have had to grow the veggies like the carrots, the tomatoes, and the mushrooms ourselves, this meal would be completely different because at this time of year, some of the veggies are not in season and even if we had a green house, it would have taken us a lot of time to wait for the veggies to grow. Why wait several months when you can get it in 10 minutes? That question is the reason supermarkets and restaurants import food, consumers and demand. Our meal was very good and we worked hard in making it tasty so look at the recipe and enjoy.

This unit was a very informative unit that really excited me to learn more. Because I really like to cook, this was the best unit possible for me to learn about. I learned about my all about my role as a consumer and about how much goes into getting me to be the consumer, like the producing, the managing, and the advertisement about growing/raising food for me to eat. The biggest problems that I find with our food and it's system is the dishonesty that happens to produce the food. I am left in the dark about what really happens to my food and they, the corporations, cover it up so that I may be attracted to buying their product. It's a problem because I can't make the best choice healthy or moral-wise because I do not know what they are doing to make my food. Some changes I could make to my food choices would be to eat a heck of a lot more vegetables, I could buy everything at a local co-op where everything is locally grown, and I could stop buying take-out. I would be willing to do the first two and perhaps cut back on the third and that would make my a lot healthier than I am today.

Markia's reflection
This quarter I learned a lot about the legal system connected to our food production. For instance,  some of the people making the big decisions have previously worked for some of the major food companies. It even seems as if they may still be connected to these companies and are making decisions   I feel that I should know about this information ,being a consumer in this food system. If more people knew about what was happening with our food system there would be some serious changes as to how our food is treated and what is put into it. After watching "Food Inc." I realized that the major changes that need to take place in our food system are how our food is produced and what the product is . The reason being that the big CEO's of most of these companies do not really care what is happening to the food or what is put into it as long as it is profitable and taste good. If we were to monitor more closely what was being put into our food, how it was done, and who was doing it the food produced would most likely be better for us. To make these changes there would most likely have to be more money spent on making more standards for these companies to follow and the American people who eat these foods would have to realize what their food goes through. I personally am willing to make these changes but I am not sure what would have to be cut or changed if this were to happen. Certain situation could make me change my mind depending on what would be changed.
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