William Henry Felinski: Rainwater Collection Unit, Capstone 2012

I built a rainwater collection, filtration, and storage device.  It is an innovative engineering product designed with a humanitarian focus.  The water collection unit is collapsible; capable of folding together into a small waterproofed backpack.  Made from weather resistant tarp, covered with a durable mesh netting, and suspended by rope tie offs the device is highly adaptable.  As a product the water collection unit provides access to clean water sourced from rain for campers, gardeners, and other sustainable activities.  However, the greatest purpose is as a combatant against water scarcity.  Applying knowledge from my service experience in the Dominican Republic, I decided my capstone was an opportunity to better the availability of safe drinking water to those in need and greatest effected by water scarcity.

Provided below is my keynote presentation used to defend my capstone.
William Henry Felinski, SLA Presentation, Rainwater Collection Invention, Capstone 2012