William Huang Capstone


How can you incorporate technology into modern day learning to make it both more interesting and accessible?

The internet has become the first point of contact for many people when they have a question. Our computers and mobile devices have given us access to so much information with a simple search. Technology has been incorporated over the years in schools all around the world to improve the quality of learning in classrooms. Although public school education is available to everyone in the United States, many inner-city schools, especially in the Philadelphia area where I grew up, are underfunded and understaffed. In addition, it is rare for them to provide education in highly-technical STEM fields, which are generally where the high paying jobs are.

I want to make education, especially in technical fields, more accessible to people around the world. I had the luxury of having an engineering program in my high school, which not many schools in my area have.

After many hours of research, meetings with my mentor, weekends spent filming, and countless days staying after school editing, I have finally created a dedicated YouTube channel featuring a series of videos sharing what I've learned over the years in my engineering program.


“Brief Introduction to Circuits.” Electricaleasy.com, www.electricaleasy.com/2014/09/brief-introduction-to-circuits.html.

Circuits are the hidden structures that power all electronic devices. A circuit allows current to flow from one place to another, from the source to the places that need it. This website serves as an introduction to circuits, addressing the different types of circuits and the different laws that govern circuitry. I will use to this explain the basics of circuits in one of my videos.

“Force and Motion: Facts.” Idaho Public Television, idahoptv.org/sciencetrek/topics/force_and_motion/facts.cfm.

A force is a push or a pull. We experience forces in our everyday lives. Some forces include normal, gravitational, and friction forces. This website dives into the different kinds of forces and what they mean. I will use this website to talk about forces in one of my videos.

“How to Read Engineering Drawings – a Simple Guide.” EEF, 24 Nov. 2017, www.eef.org.uk/training/blogs/2017/nov/how-to-read-engineering-drawings-a-simple-guide.

Engineering drawings serve as detailed instructions on the specifications of an item and how to manufacture them. They are a language used by engineerings and manufacturers to communicate how an item is made and serves as a contract in the event of factory errors. This website explores what engineering drawings are and how to read them. I will use this to give a brief introduction to engineering drawings in my videos.

NASA, NASA, www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/newton.html.

Newton’s laws of motion govern not only our everyday lives, but also the universe. There are three laws of motion and they all address a fundamental truth about our world. This website explores the different laws of motion and what they mean. I will use this website to talk about Newton’s laws of motion in one of my videos.

Plastic Forming Methods, iwww.the-warren.org/ALevelRevision/engineering/materials1.htm.

Everything is made of something. Material science is the study of how existing materials behave as well as the designing of new materials. Examples include woods, metals, plastics, etc. This website explores the different mechanical and physical properties of materials and what they mean. I will use this to inform my audience about material science.

ProEdify. “Units of Measure: Scientific Measurements & SI System.” YouTube, YouTube, 5 Mar. 2016, www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAtDAoqdExw.

Si Units are a standardized language used by scientists and engineers around the world to communicate ideas and concepts without confusion. When speaking quantitatively, it is very important to know the exact units of an object, as the same number with different units result in different dimensions. This video covers what SI Units are and why they are important. I will use this to explain what SI units are in my videos.

“Simple Machines: Facts.” Idaho Public Television, idahoptv.org/sciencetrek/topics/simple_machines/facts.cfm.

Simple machines have been around for thousands of years. In the absence of motors, simple machines have allowed humans to move heavy objects with only a fraction of the amount of force required with just hands. This website explores the different types of simple machines and how they are used to do things faster and better. This will help provide content to discuss in my videos.

“Types of Gears.” KHK Gears, khkgears.net/new/gear_knowledge/introduction_to_gears/types_of_gears.html.

Gears are the most iconic mechanism ever, with the ability to turn rotational movement to linear motion. They are simple yet effective. This website covers the various types of gears and when they can best be used. I will use this website to talk about gears and their uses in one of my videos.

“What Is Binary?” Computer Hope, 13 Nov. 2018, www.computerhope.com/jargon/b/binary.htm.

Binary is a language used and interpreted by computers to store data. It is a base 2 number system that uses only two numbers: 0 and 1. A 0 indicates OFF and a 1 indicates ON. This website dives into the ins and outs of binary, including what they are, how they work, and how to read them. I will use this to explain what binary is in one of my videos.

Work Documents, Working Drawings, Building Plans, www.flooringtech.com.au/unit16_hand_and_power_tools/section1_types_of_tools/lesson1_general_hand_tools.htm.

People use hand tools to do all sorts of things. From the iconic hammer to the drill, there is a plethora of tools used everyday. This website explores the different hand tools and what they are each used for. I will use this website to briefly discuss what hand tools are and what situations each of them are good for.

Below is one of the videos I made. To check out my other videos, here's the link to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKooALxxFw2y3emSZQlgSig