Women's Masculine Role In Society-National History Day Entry


For this project to be submitted to the National History Day Competition in Philadelphia, I chose to present on women's masculine role in society because the time period I focused on was one of back and forth between women's rights and also how women stepped into a more masculine role in society that is present to this day. The format that was chosen was a documentary.  I chose this because it was easy way to make a visual time line of events, which was how the original paper I wrote had been formatted.  It was also an easier way to present sources such as pictures and videos. One problem I had was simply the time management, and making sure everything was put together and finished properly.  Another issue was making sure it continued relating back to the overall theme of debate and diplomacy, however just the topic of women's rights during the 1900 in general is one filled with back and forth between men and women and their acceptation in society.    
What went well was the amount of primary sources I had in the beginning and the myriad that I had in the end.  The putting together of the movie also went smoothly besides small technical difficulties.  I mostly had a script for the audio before because of the paper I had written on the same topic. If I were to do the project over again I would make sure to focus a bit more on the debate side of the argument and also make the movie longer. I would also tried to get it done in a more reasonable time.  During this project I learned a great deal about what it was like for a women growing up during the 1900's and also more about using the movie program on my computer. Also my knowledge of bibliographies and research was expanded by this project.  But mostly I am glad I learned and got to experience the experience of submitting something like this to a competition like National History Day.