"World's Largest Capstone"

For my capstone, I chose to use one of SLA's Core values and Collaborated with Jaazaniah Hayes, and Naihema Powell in order to put together a showcase that incorporated some of SLA's different capstones into one big show. Jaazaniah and I worked together to put together a rap cypher to be apart of the show. Before we did anything, we researched how exactly to put together a show, and what things we needed. After several hours of fundraising and planning, we had enough to start actually putting the show together. We had auditions for the modeling of Clothing lines, we got some of SLA’s strongest artists to perform in the cypher, and we got some people that were in the digital photography/video class to work the lighting and camera work. We held practices/rehearsals every tuesday and thursday at our school, and on the week of the show, we had practice every day leading up to the show’s date. At the end of it, we had a great show, and lots of people came out and supported our capstone. It wasn’t easy, we barely got any sleep at night but it was all worth it in the end.

Here is some footage from the Cypher.



"How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit." Entrepreneur. N.p., 28 Nov. 2006. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/171296>.

When i first looked at this source I saw I immediately grabbed it. For my capstone im going to need some get rich quick schemes in order to cover my expenses. I have to pay for the entertainment, and more importantly we are going to have to pay for the venue. I understand that we are going to get a lot money back from selling tickets but we need to raise money for coverage. Especially since we are going to be coming out of pocket for a lot of it.


This was similar to the one i did above. But it focused more on online fundraising. I thought that it would bring more money in if we fundraise online. I have seen tons of people fundraise online for anything. Mostly i have seen funerals. But it would make our job a lot easier if we did it online. That way its mobile and less messy.


This source was mainly opinionated. I didn’t know anything about running a showcase or even what it takes to do one. This source focused more on the creativity level that you have to have in order for it to be a success.  It talked about themes that you need to have, and also recruiting a certain attraction in order to get more audience. They also talked about ways to sell more tickets.


This source was really helpful. Me doing a showcase, we are going have to sell tickets in order to pay a portion of the venue’s expense. This source taught me new ways on selling tickets. They said we should give something else while we are selling tickets. Like telling the people we are selling to that we will give them something for free if we sell tickets. so basically give something or getting something.


I had a long conversation with thomas. Last year he did a showcase to raise money for the DC trip. He told me all the ins and outs of holding and hosting your own show. One of te main problems that he had from last year was false advertisement. He had promised a specific person to be there. The person was very popular in philadelphia and the person flaked out and didn’t want to do the appearance. He overcame it with the backup plan. He had booked more than one popular artists to show up.

Kenisha Woods

My Sophomore year, Kenisha had did a fashion show/ rap show. I wanted to talk to her about how she incorporated the two together. Afterall they are totally different topics and i was there at her show and she did an excellent job making the transitions.  She told me that you don’t want to have to much of the same thing going on continuously. If you have 5 back to back showcases of clothing and then 1 rap performance, they are going to get tired out, especially if you have someone that they are waiting to see.


In this article, the author wrote about conducting yourself in a business conduct. When you are trying to make a deal with someone it is very important that you conduct yourself in a very professional matter. Someone isn’t going to let you use their facility if they see that you are being goofy and you aren’t mature. Your age is already a minus, but if they see that you seem to be responsible, and mature you are sure to get what you want.

My dad

I talked to my dad. He currently works at the wells fargo center and he knows a lot about how they work their operations over there. Wells fargo center has a plethora of events going on. They have to move equipment almost everyday. They have to set up the floor for the sixers games, in the mixture of having concerts and wrestling matches there. He told me that im going to have to get together an event staff. Maybe ten trustworthy and hardworking people to help setup. And i need to know that i will have to either pay them or feed them .

Michael Jackson’s this is it

Everyone has either heard about or has seen the documentary of the michael jackson concert rehearsals. You can see how sometimes he would get frustrated because things weren’t going the way they were supposed to. It took a lot of rehearsing and time and effort in order to get things the way that he wanted them to be. He had a couple different performers and dancers. He had a lot of money also put into his show. This is just a little motivation to how much hard work and dedication im going to have to have in order to pull this off.