World Of 100

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This bar graph compares my predictions of global poverty to class averages and real statistics. I was surprised to see that more people in the world live on more than 2 dollars a day than less, but after thinking more about it, I believe that this wasn't an accurate way of measuring poverty. Although the portion of the country that lives on less than 2 USD a day is small, I think that even if you live on less than 7 USD, your still fairly poor.

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This is the comparison of Urban dwellers VS. Rural Dwellers. Initially I made the inference that more people would live in cities because the were so densely populated, but I didn't go with my instinct because I figured there is more rural land than urban globally. I was fairly off form the real data but I'm not entirely surprised.

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Languages spoken was probably the most surprising data for me to analyze. I always thought that Arabic, English, and Spanish were some of the more spoken languages around the world. Although China is a huge country, I didn't think that the percentage of people that spoke chinese would be larger than Arabic or English. My class average showed that many of my peers believed English was the most spoken language.