World of 100

​In class we were given an assignment called world of 100, in this we had to imagine that there were only 100 people in the world and spilt up those people into different categories to see the global issues. There was a number of categories that included demographics, education levels, gender roles and more. The categories I focused on for this project were gender/education, age, and technology. At first I thought the assignment was to split up the 100 people into categories that I thought they should be in so I was incorrect in my graphs, however, I found that when redoing the assignment I was very close to what the world issues are today. Because I have had several classes where world view was an important aspect, I felt more informed about global issues when it came to this assignment. I felt that I was most accurate when predicting the technology rates and education then I was with predicting the average ages. I found this assignment to be very interesting I felt that I learned something knew and had fun doing it. I was very surprised to see the education differences between genders. I hope to try this assignment again to see if I will be more accurate in some categories. 

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