World of 100 Analysis

     The categories that were most accurate were the ones for my ages. For the ages the correct answer for 0-14 yrs was 26 and I put 30. The ages 15-64 was the correct answer was 66 and I out 50 which isn't so close. And for the final 65 and older the correct one was 8 and I put 20. The other chart for the technology I was completely off. For example I put for the people who are subscribed to to cell phones would be 90 and the correct answer was 75. I put that because since where in the 21 century people would be already know to that and would have electronics. Also with that I was off by all the other categories.

     The people that will own computer shocked me the most. They had only 22 people would have computers when I put at least 80 people.

     I was off on the electronics because I thought that everyone would have some type of technology but then I remembered this was for 100 people in the world so not everyone is exposed to technology in the world. I didn't have a spot on one but I was really close to the different ages.