World of 100 analysis

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For the category religion I think I was inaccurate for all of the types of religion. I went off what I knew, my environment and how I viewed the world I live in. I know more muslims than christians so I thought more people was muslim, christian came in second place, less people are Hindu, and more people have no particular faith or other. The correct answers were that there are more christians than muslims, there's more people in the Hindu religion, less  in the Buddhist and no particular faith/other were about the same. For the language category  I was very inaccurate except for the language Chinese. I put that more people spoke english, spanish and chinese because that is what I see on an everyday basis. I was way off for other, I think because I am close minded to the other languages that are spoken across the world. Im just so used to just the U.S, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia I be forgetting that there's other people in the world.  For the geography I was almost accurate with Latina America/Caribbean, accurate with Europe and inaccurate with the rest of the categories. I thought it would be more from north america, Latin America, Asia and less for Europe, Africa. When really there's more from Asia, Africa, I put more for Latin Am., North America and Asia because that is what I mostly see in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is very diverse but I feel like those 3 are the top ones. I was really surprise by all of the categories, I felt like I failed my world of 100 people, my predictions were way off.  I was way off with my predictions because once again I went by what I knew in my environment. I am used to seeing and hearing specific so I would think they would be more popular.