"Wow You're Tall" - Afi Koffi


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Sofia Powers (Student 2019)
Sofia Powers

I LOVE THIS ESSAY! I REALTE SO MUCH! I've spent most of my life being told I need to stand in the back or that boys don't like tall girls. I was even bullied off a soccer team because the kids didn't like that I was bigger than them. I loved how you used multiple experiences and comical sentences to draw in the reader. I just really feel your conclusion, that you can stand tall and be whoever you want, despite what people tell you

Tylier Driscoll (Student 2019)
Tylier Driscoll

Hey Afi, I really enjoyed your essay and It made me think about how being tall for guys is different than being tall for girls. When you brought up all of the quotes about being tall it made me think about the times some of those words were said to me. Your personal essay really made me think about how other tall people handle height and how other tall people view their height.

Kaitlyn Petroski-Rimmer (Student 2019)
Kaitlyn Petroski-Rimmer

I really enjoyed reading your essay. Your annoyance at the stupid questions really showed and it made it a lot more interesting. You learned to accept your height and be confident, which is incredibly admirable.

Gregory Tasik (Student 2019)
Gregory Tasik

Hey Afi, I really like how you expressed your emotion throughout the text. You used words that were simple, yet so powerful and were great in conveying the message you wanted to send. I love how you tied your experiences and stories up at the end when you ended on a positive note with your confidence in your height. Your backstory in the beginning really set up the story well. Great Job !

Jowon Dorbor (Student 2019)
Jowon Dorbor

Hey Afi, I liked how you explain the struggles of being tall. You're asked annoying questions that people think aren't stereotypes. Just because you're a certain way doesn't mean your assigned to a responsibility in your life.

Lauren Nicolella (Student 2019)
Lauren Nicolella

Hey, I really enjoyed your essay and your perspective about being tall. I liked how you talked about your struggle and the example you chose to share couldn't have been more perfect, honestly. You learned to accept your height even though people tried to bring you down about it, and I admire that. Your writing was allowing me to follow along easily, nothing became redundant.