If it wasn't for writing, I don't think that many people would know who I really am and why I'm the way I am. When I write, whether it's for an assignment or just for fun, I tell a story within a story. I could write about something real random or crazy, but it still has some kind of connection about me and who I am. If people read the things I write, they could learn a lot about me. Writing helps me to express myself to other people and also to me. My writing helps me to connect to people because I write about the things people know about, something they can relate to. These writings are normally about my life or things I see everyday. My writing can sometimes help entertain people whenever their bored. But other than trying to connecting to people I don't know, my writing connects me to my family and to myself. When I write to my family it is to tell them how thankful I am and how much I care about them, something that will let them know how I really feel about them, things I can't say. Lastly, I write to myself to express my feelings. Whenever I'm upset I write, whenever I'm happy I write. Writing is a part of me and without it I don't think that I would be sane. Writing helps me to connect to other people and that's how they connect to me.